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the feeling - rose

May 30th

It was a day where I experience the rare feeling of happiness and sadness combined. Happiness for the success in completing 9 months of intense studying and cramming, each day receiving so much information so tough to chew on, moreover digest. Happiness for the luck that I receive in making long lasting friendships and meeting good people on campus, though many times encountered the bad and ugly of different people. Nevertheless, these people have taught me lessons of life that is, so to say priceless.

Sadness for the fact that the happiness of being around these people will end soon, the pot luck and bowling days will soon be gone, the birthday dinners and long chats in our office will be over, and the many sleepless nights trying to cram for tests will be done and dust. It is also the sadness for not being able to wander around freely in the grounds of lovely Cornell and Ithaca that I will miss most.

As I stood in front of Olin Hall School of Chemical Engineering, I realize that these 9 months has taught me many things that I've never come to learn in the 3 years of my undergraduate studies. Sad to be a nerd, but I have to keep a record of what I've learnt in Cornell. I've understood how power plants work, what constitutes a refinery, how we get gasoline to fuel our cars, how financial statements are balanced, how the world economy works, how microeconomics affect our daily lives, how wind turbine works, and most of all strengthening all the basic engineering principles that I was taught.

As I walked into the stadium full of pride, hoping to be noticed by my parents, I was overwhelmed by the applause and cheers from the crowd, and for the first time I felt so grand and proud to be a Cornellian. Sitting under the sun with some thousand other undergraduates and graduates, listening to the choir singing the song of our alma mater, the moment it felt like I was living the american dream.

That day marks my gratification towards each and every person I have met in Cornell. Thank you for enlightening me, teaching me with all the patience, helping me all the way through to success, and most importantly thank you for the company.

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